STP Files

Please click on the product range below to find the required STP file.

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End Mills

113A Range 135 Range 135N Range 135B-N3 Range
135B-N5 Range 135N3 Range 135N5 Range 137V N3 Range
137V N4 Range 137V N5 Range 137VF 03 Range 137VF 05 Range
137VR N3 Range 137VR N5 Range 137V5 Range 138B Range
138B N5 Range 156 Range 157 Range 158 Range
177 Range 177LR N5 Range 177R Range 177S Range
178 Range 178-1 Range 178R Range 179 Range
179L Range 180 Range 180R Range 180R N5 Range
250 Range 277N Range 277NR Range 278R N3 Range
278R N4 Range 278R N5 Range 278R N5CT Range 279 Range
380 Range 3MVR Range 3MVS Range 5AXF Range
FBCM Range FBPM Range FHFN Range FHFP Range
MFB Range V5LCB Range VMH Range XFO Range


   2XDSS          CXDCEM    CXD CLM & CL CXD SR & CR CXD SS & CS
HPD CR & SR HPD CS & SS      

As M.A Ford Europe is an authorised REGO-FIX® distributor in the UK, it’s important that you can also have access to REGO-FIX® STP files. These are available for download directly from the REGO-FIX website. Just click the link here, search for the part number you need and download the file.