New products in latest APG tooling catalogue

Five new product ‘Series’ have been added to the latest Advanced Product Group (APG) catalogue from M.A. Ford Europe, which now covers the extended ranges of high performance TuffCut® XR - XT and X-AL end mills together with the company’s new Diamond Grind Routers.

Designed to make tool selection a simple process, the 70 page catalogue covers every product in the TuffCut XR-XT and TuffCut X-AL ranges and provides cutting data together with guidance on selection and use with different materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium titanium alloys and other special alloys.

The new products added to the catalogue include:
  • TuffCut® X-AL Series 137VR end mill has been developed to deliver an even more aggressive roughing solution when machining aluminum and other non-ferrous materials, while its unique flute form and chip breaker design provides exceptional metal removal rates and chip evacuation.
  • TuffCut® XT Series 279 ball nose end mills build on the successful Series 179 and use a new substrate, geometry and advanced ALtima® Blaze coating to enhance the machining of steels, stainless steels and titanium alloys. Also, the variable helix and flute spacing gives improved machining harmonics.
  • TuffCut® XR Series 180 & 180R 7-flute end mils range has been extended with new 6.0mm; 8.0mm and 10.0mm tool diameters being added to the existing 12.0mm and 20.0mm programme. The three new additions are available with or without a corner radius.
  • V5LCB high performance end mills are designed for high speed profiling of stainless steels and titanium alloys. Using a unique chip breaker and 5-flute variable pitch design, the V5LCB provides vibration free machining, exceptional metal removal rates and effective swarf control at increased axial cutting depths of up to 4 x tool diameter.
  • Series 230, 231 & 239 Diamond Grind Routers provide an outstanding solution for machining products manufactured from composite materials and is a completely new range, which complements the company’s existing PCD end mills drills and countersinks. The range includes both CERAedge™ and GEM-X ‘Black Diamond’ amorphous diamond coatings for extended machining of advanced composites.
As part of the company’s range of integrated manufacturing solutions, the catalogue also contains core information on high speed machining (HSM) software, Rego-Fix non-pull-out tool holders, BlueSwarf Dashboards anti-vibration analysis and M.A. Ford Europe’s custom tooling operation

Click the image below to download the new catalogue