New 2 flute ball nose end mill range from M.A. Ford Europe

The new Series 250 2-flute ball nose end mill range is the latest addition to our TuffCut® 3D family of ball nose tooling, which delivers high performance results in 3D machining & slotting applications.

Created for roughing & finishing applications in alloy steels and hardened steels <50 HRC, as well as various stainless steel and titanium grades, the 2-flute design provides excellent swarf evacuation, while its high precision radius geometry has a tight tolerance of just +/- 0.01mm for precise 3D finishing.

Featuring the high performance ALtima® Blaze coating, the Series 250 is an economical and cost-effective solution for lower volume machining or batch manufacturing operations. By combining excellent machining characteristics, tool life and finish quality with competitive pricing, the Series 250 can help reduce tooling costs without compromising performance.

The comprehensive range covers diameters from 1.0mm up to 16mm with typical cutting speeds on finishing applications up to 280 m/min for soft steels and 170 m/min for hardened steels <50 HRC.

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