New FordMAX Interchangeable insert drill range

Our new FordMAX range of interchangeable insert drills not only optimise performance, accuracy and repeatability, but also enables different materials to be machined, just by changing the insert grade.

With insert diameters from 10mm to 40mm and optional 3xD; 5xD or 8xD holder lengths, each can accept a range of insert sizes across either 0.49mm or 0.99mm band, depending on the holder, making them ideal for high-mix manufacturing and batch production. 

A ‘triple positioning’ system of axial, radial and angular locators ensure that the interchangeability and repeatability of the inserts are maximised. 

For full details, download the new FordMAX catalogue here.

FordMAX Interchangeable insert drills checklist:

* Diameters from 10mm to 40mm
* 3x; 5x and 8x diameter holder lengths 
* Suitable for high feed drilling
* Through coolant as standard
* Choice of insert grades 
* Precision 3-point insert location