M.A. Ford Europe extends HPD drills range

The FordMAX Twister® HPD drills range from M.A. Ford Europe has been extended further with the addition of a new 3xD length option to give even greater versatility while retaining the performance and economy benefits already established with the 5xD HPD drills.

Aimed primarily at sub-contract manufacturing, low volume machining and small batch production where economy is a key consideration alongside performance, the solid carbide HPD range uses an Altima® coating for high heat resistance, excellent tool life and a lower cost per hole.

Available in diameters from 3.0mm to 16.0mm and with a through coolant option, the HPD drills also have a self-centring point geometry to remove the need for spot drilling, as well as a corner chamfer which improves hole breakout while retaining precision.

This combination of features makes the HPD range ideally suited for use with a wide range of materials including various grades of steel, stainless steel and cast iron, as well as titanium and heat resistant alloys.

As a result, where contract machine shops are machining producing from different materials, the HPD range provides the opportunity to reduce their tooling inventory by using HPD drills rather than multiple tools dedicated to specific metals, which helps save time and cost.

Please download our HPD drills catalogue here.