New Android cutting data app from M.A. Ford Europe

M.A. Ford Europe’s interactive cutting data app is now available for Android devices, as well as iOS. 

The app makes tool cutting data calculations simpler and faster by minimising text input and using responsive 3D touch-screen graphics that to change cutting parameters on Android phones and tablets.Developed around M.A. Ford’s proven cutting data, the app supports a wide range of ISO materials including steel, aluminium alloys, stainless steel and titanium, as well as cast iron, hardened steels and exotic alloys.

Please click on the image above or scan the QR code to download

Once basic information has been selected from ‘drop down’ menus, such as tool type, diameter and material, the app allows the user to ‘drag’ the tool graphic display to change the radial engagement and depth of cut, which instantly calculates speeds and feeds.

Radial chip thinning data is also calculated for use with high-speed machining (HSM) strategies, which can significantly reduce cycle times and improve tool life.

The app’s colour coded feedback guides users toward the recommended cutting conditions based on their chosen input parameters while user over-ride controls allow cutting data to be fine-tuned for individual applications as well as enabling users to calculate and compare multiple scenarios instantly.

A ‘save’ feature is also incorporated within the app to allow records of proven cutting data to be stored and shared with other app users while a hyperlink to M.A. Ford Europe’s website is available to allow immediate access to online information and downloads.