New diamond grind composites router gets Boeing approval

The new high performance 239 Series diamond grind composites router from M.A. Ford Europe now has the advantage of being authorised under licence to Boeing US Patent 7,090,442, as M.A. Ford has an agreement with the aircraft manufacturer that includes licence rights to use its patents and proprietary data.

Designed specifically for the high performance machining of composite materials used in the aerospace, automotive and other advanced manufacturing industries, the 239 Series uses specially designed rake angles and flute structures to reduce cutting forces, increase the routing rates and remove the risk of delamination or flaking.

Available in diameters from 3.0mm up to 12.0mm, the 239 Series uses M.A. Ford’s ‘Black Diamond GemX’ diamond coating on an application specific solid carbide substrate to give maximum tool life on composites, including low plastic content CFRP and GRP materials. 239 Series routers are also available as an uncoated option.

The 239 Series can be used for both roughing and finishing and four optional point designs are available within the range covering end mill; burr end; safe end and fish-tail to give increased versatility covering a range of machining operations including trimming, routing, slotting and side milling.

MA Ford Europe’s Managing Director, David Ward, commented: “The 239 Series is the latest in a long line of cutting tool innovations that have been developed by us specifically as a result of the needs and demands of the aerospace composites industry, which we’ve been doing for more than 90 years.”

He added: “With the introduction of new and increasingly advanced materials to save weight while improving strength and safety, we have maintained our role at the cutting edge of this technology, whether it is machining composites, titanium, aluminium or high temperature alloys.”