New high performance Cyclone CXD drill range launched

The latest addition to M.A. Ford Europe’s comprehensive drill range is the new high performance Cyclone CXD, which is designed to deliver high metal removal and penetration rates when machining high temperature alloys, stainless steels and titanium.

While two-flute Cyclone CXD drills are designed for high performance drilling with a broad range of materials, the combination of a new low-thrust point geometry and M.A Ford’s latest generation of ALtima® Plus coating, makes them especially suited for use with difficult to machine metals including titanium, stainless steels, Inconel®, Hastelloy® and other high temperature alloys.

The ALtima® Plus coating enables higher cutting speeds and penetration rates to be achieved, as well as improved tool life and a lower cost per hole while the CXD’s new enhanced double margin design allows quicker hole engagement together with improved location and stability when drilling through cross-holes.

Covering hole diameters from 3.0mm up to 20mm, the CXD range is available in five different variants and include through coolant or solid options to meet a variety of different machining demands. Alternative flute lengths of 3 x and 5x diameter is available across the range while and extended 8x diameter length is offered on the CXDCL model, which is available up to a maximum diameter of 16.0mm and with through coolant only.

While the cutting speeds and penetration rates will be dependent on individual applications, the quoted figures for drilling a 16mm diameter hole with a 5x diameter through coolant CXD drill in 13V-11Cr-3Al titanium alloy is a speed of 46 m/min (915 rev/min) with a penetration rate of 0.36 mm/rev giving a feed of 329 mm/min.

M.A Ford Europe’s Managing Director, David Ward, explained: “The CXD range marks another period of innovation for us, as we’re planning to introduced a number of new high performance tools during 2017, including the CDA drills for aluminium, which we expect to set new standards of productivity and precision.”

He added: “To support this, we implemented our Integrated Manufacturing Solutions (IMS) programme more than 12 months ago, which enables us to provide customers with optimised machining performance by using HSM tool path software and spindle anti vibration analysis solutions. We are also the UK distributor for Rego-Fix® precision tool holding, which can make a massive contribution to tool performance, which also integrates with IMS.”