M.A. Ford Europe on show at ITM Polska

M.A. Ford Europe is exhibiting at this year’s ITM Polska exhibition in Poznan, Poland, in partnership with Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn (AFM) DEFUM S.A. who have been one of country’s leading machine tool manufacturers for more than 70 years.

Innowacje, Technologie, Maszyny (ITM) Polska runs from 5th to 8th June and is the largest event of its type kind in Poland, which provides a platform for international companies to show their latest products and innovations to a wide audience.

The partnership with AFM DEFUM enables M.A. Ford Europe to showcase its products via live machining demonstrations, including 5-axis machining, programmed using a leading CADCAM system. This exhibition is part of M.A. Ford Europe’s plans to grow its business and brand in Poland, which is being built on the foundations put in within the last two years.

Stephen James, M.A. Ford Europe’s Sales Director, who is pictured with two of the company’s Technical Sales Managers for Poland, Tadeusz Wasowics (left) and Adam Goltowski (right), explained: “We have invested a lot of time and effort into developing our presence in Poland and we have experience significant growth."

He added: "ITM is another key activity for us, particularly as we have been able to exhibit in partnership with AFM DEFUM who, like us, have a long history in high performance manufacturing."