New products from M.A. Ford Europe at EMO 2019

EMO 2019 is a key event for M.A. Ford Europe, as we are introducing new tooling ranges at the exhibition and showing many products for the first time in Europe.

The latest ‘XT-9 Series 380’ end mill is designed for high speed machining of Inconel, Titanium, stainless steel and similar difficult to machine materials and uses a nine-flute design to help eliminate any harmonic vibration, as well as the latest ALtima Xtreme AX coating technology giving maximum service temperature of 1100 degrees C.

Alongside the XT-9, M.A. Ford is also launching the new Multi-Flute Ball Nose (MFBN) end mill range, which is available in parallel, tapered or ‘necked’ design shanks, together with two high performance coating options making it ideal for machining Inconel, stainless steel or Titanium and other similar materials. The new tool can achieve machining cycle time reductions of up to 50% whilst also delivering exceptional results on 5-axis finish milling operations.

The company’s ‘FordMAX’ indexable tooling range has also expanded with the launch of its new a new spotting and chamfering tools and turning tools products, which join the existing ‘High Feed Series’ end mills for roughing operations on 3D machining and die & mould applications.

David Ward, M.A. Ford Europe’s Managing Director, explained: “Since the last EMO in 2017, we have continued to innovate and bring new high performance solutions to the market, which have been a key factor in our continued success and growth in Europe. At EMO, we’re launching new products and additions to virtually every product group that we offer, as well as introducing completely new lines to our range.”