Don't miss out on our special Rego-Fix® offer.

As an authorised Rego-Fix® distributor, we’re marking their 70th anniversary by creating a special ‘starter package’ that offers incredible savings on regular pricing. For £3,999 you get a manual powRgrip® hydraulic tool clamping press, 5 holders and collets plus a choice of high performance end mills. Hurry! Only while stocks last.
Click the image below to download our Rego-Fix® special offer details.

Seven different starter package options are available, which enables them to be used with tool shank diameters from 3.0mm to 16.0mm and different machine spindle types, including BT30; BT40 and SK40, as well as HSK-E 40 and HSK-A 63. The Rego-Fix system allows HA and HB Weldon shanks to be used, as standard.

A free high performance end mill kit from the M.A. Ford Europe range can be selected as part of the package, with options of  a VMH end mill for machining steel and stainless steel or a TuffCut® X-AL 137V for use with aluminium. Both are available in diameters from 6.0mm to 12.0mm.

Rego-Fix holders are guaranteed for life under normal use of 20,000 insertion and extraction cycles whilst the use of its secuRgrip® option with HB tool shanks gives 100% security against tool ‘pull-out’.