Five new high performance tooling ranges launched

Five new high performance tooling ranges have been launched by M.A. Ford Europe, which includes solid carbide end mills and new deep hole drills for machining aluminium alloys, steel, Titanium, HRSAs and stainless grades.

Originally planned for launch at the MACH 2020 exhibition, which is now taking place in January 2021, M.A. Ford Europe has now taken the opportunitiy to release the new tooling ranges ahead of schedule.

The new TuffCut X-AL Series 137V N3 AL end mill is designed deliver high metal removal rates when machining aluminium, aluminium alloys and non-ferrous metals, whilst its new ‘end-cut’ geometry allows plunge machining into solid material of up to 1 x diameter.

Incorporating a variable helix 3 flute design to remove harmonic vibration at high feeds and cutting depths, the new Series 137V is designed for roughing and finishing operations and uses M.A. Ford’s ‘Fordlube’ coating, which increases tool life and reduces chip adhesion. Tool diameters range from 3mm to 20mm and depending on the type of cut, speeds of 1000m/min and feeds of up to 0.342mm / flute per revolution can be achieved.

The TuffCut XT Series MFB multi-flute ball-nose end mill has been developed for finishing and semi finishing operations on steel, stainless and hardened steels, as well as Titanium and HRSAs, and has 6, 8 or 10 flutes with diameters ranging from 4mm to 10mm.

Designed to be used at tilt angle of between 20 and 33 degrees to ensure optimum performance and finish quality, MFB Series tools are available with both ALtima® Xtreme and ALtima® Nano coatings, well as parallel, tapered or ‘necked’ ball nose profiles, to meet a wide  range of machining applications.

Alongside the MFB Series, the TuffCut XR7 Series 180CBR is a new seven flute end mill that enables high feed rates in profiling applications. It also incorporates an advanced integral chip breaker design, which generates shorter chips for more efficient swarf evacuation under high feed conditions.

Available in diameters from 10mm to 16mm, the XR7 uses an ALtima® Blaze coating enabling it to be used effectively on a range of materials including steels, high temp alloys, cast iron and stainless steels, while the options of standard HA or Weldon HB shank types gives added versatility.

ALtima® Blaze and the new chip breaker design also feature on the five flute TuffCut XT Series 278CBR N3 end mill, which is designed for high performance roughing and finishing operations on steels, high temperature alloys and stainless steel grades. Diameters from 10mm to 16mm are available as well as HA and HB shank options.

The latest addition to M.A. Ford’s high performance coated solid carbide Cyclone CXD drill range is the through coolant Series CXDCEM 15xD, which uses a re-engineered low thrust point geometry and enhanced double margin design to enable holes of up to 15 x diameter to be drilled.

With diameters from 3mm to 12mm, the drills use an ALtima® Plus multi-layer coating, as well as enhanced pre and post coating surface finishing and refined edge protection for improved performance in Titanium and stainless steels. Back margin location also enables quicker engagement with the hole for faster and more accurate drilling.