Grip-Cut-Release-Repeat x 20,000 – How Rego-Fix® works

If you’re not already a user of the Rego-Fix® high performance tool holding system, but have wondered how it works or how it can maintain the exceptional levels of precision and torque transfer, even after 20,000 tool clamping and release cycles, then we can help.

As an authorised Rego-Fix® distributor M.A. Ford Europe has a detailed understanding of the system and how it can help manufacturers extract the optimum machining performance from their production tooling.

With the Rego-Fix® powRgrip® system there’s no heating or shrinking involved, just a range of extremely precise tool-holders and collets, which are clamped with a force of up to 90kN by the compact PGU hydraulic clamping press.

* Watch our Rego-Fix - ‘How it works’ video here

* Watch our Technical Director, Nick Trott, demonstrating the system here

The result is that they can double the transferable torque and achieve run-out/concentricity figures of less than 3 microns.

This helps to minimise vibration and give increased tool life compared to other systems.

Rego-Fix holders are guaranteed for life under normal use of 20,000 insertion and extraction cycles whilst the use of its secuRgrip® option with HB tool shanks gives 100% security against tool ‘pull-out’.

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