New ‘FordGrip’ Power Chuck from M.A. Ford Europe

The new FordGrip Power Chuck range of collet chucks has been launched by M.A. Ford Europe, which provides manufacturers with a high precision and cost-effective tool holding solution that allows optimum tool performance to be achieved.

Incorporating two sizes of chuck, the FGP20 and FGP32, which are defined by their respective internal diameters of 20mm and 32mm, the FordGrip range also includes reduction sleeves dedicated to each chuck, enabling tool shank diameters from 6mm to 25mm to be used.

Designed for use with plain, Weldon or whistle notch shank tools, including through-coolant, each FordGrip chuck is available in BT; BT+; SK and HSK configurations, which provides a stable and highly accurate solution with tool run-out of less than 0.004mm at 2.5 x diameter.

With secure gripping torques of up to 1750Nm and a compact design, the Power Chucks provide improved balancing of G2.5 up to 20,000 rev/min, allowing high performance tooling to be run at their optimum cutting speeds.

Neil Franklin, Technical Sales Manager with M.A. Ford Europe, explained: “The new FordGrip Power Chucks are excellent additions to our range, as it provides end users with a cost-effective method of improving productivity by upgrading the performance accuracy and of their tool holding solution. M.A. Ford tooling customers can also achieve better results with extended tool-life, higher metal removal rate improved surface finish.  Also, FordGrip chucks are easy to use with long term reliability and no maintenance, due to chuck mechanism’s simple design.

He added: “High quality and stable chucks usually allow high performance tools to be run at increased speeds, but cost can discourage the purchase of improved chucks. We set out to make the FordGrip range more accessible, while retaining the performance benefits.” 

Click the image below to download the latest FordGrip information